In the beginning

August 12, 2018

Here's the problem with always knowing you wanted to be a mom: You're ready for kids before you're actually ready for kids. Baby fever was real. But in order to have the life I wanted, to be prepared to offer my kids everything I felt was important, there was a lot that needed to happen, not just for me, but for my husband as well.

Burkley and I met in high school. We were only 15 years old, and while most people scoffed at the idea, we knew we wanted to be together. We said "I love you" early on, we planned our future, we were inseparable, and if we were apart, we were texting each other nonstop (I'm not kidding, we probably could have set a record with how many texts we sent a minute--I think we topped out at about 16,000 texts a month). It was important to both of us that we finish school before starting a family, though. So we finished high school and went to college. We moved in together our sophomore year of college, when we'd both secured jobs that would cover rent and expenses. I was eager to get engaged, like many girls, and even though my hints were anything but subtle, we'd also talked about not getting married until after we graduated. That day finally came 7 1/2 years into our relationship, the day after my birthday, in our senior year! It was perfect! I can tell you that whole story another time, though! We graduated 2 months later; I started working full time as a nanny, Burkley started grad school and working in a physics lab. We saved up money to pay for the wedding and for a house. That fall we were finally wed! 

Ok, I'm definitely ready now! We're married, we have money saved, let's do this! Let's have kids! 

Not quite. 

Sure, we were financially stable for our current situation, but if I wanted to stay home, there's no way we could make that work while Burkley was still in school. So we added a few more boxes to the checklist. A year and a half later we bought our first home (we were 23 at the time), and not long after, Burkley graduated. Great! This is it! Now we can have kids!

Not yet.

Job searches these days can take...forever. 

So we waited, Burkley kept applying, and it wasn't until almost 6 months later that the offers finally started rolling in! 

Now we can have kids!

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